Sean Delahanty

District Court Judge, Division 6

Re-Elect November 6, 2018

It is an honor to serve as your Division 6 District Court Judge and I ask for your continued support to retain this seat.  No campaign can succeed without volunteers like you, get involved and remember to vote November 6, 2018. – Sean Delahanty

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September 12, 2018

Sean Delahanty Discusses LBA Poll and CFBJ Endorsement

Sean Delahanty Discusses Tools To Make An Informed Decision Judge Sean Delahanty of Jefferson County District Court discusses the Louisville Bar Association’s judicial candidate poll and

September 12, 2018

Sean Delahanty On Making Informed Decisions

Judge Sean Delahanty Answers – How To Make Informed Decisions Judge Sean Delahanty of

August 4, 2018

Sean Delahanty Earns Most Highly Qualified Responses

Sean Delahanty Earns Most Highly Qualified Responses According To LBA Poll A Louisville Bar

August 2, 2018

o'brien whitt publishing

Kentucky Appellate Survey: Vote Sean Delahanty

Kentucky Appellate Survey: Vote Sean Delahanty Judge Delahanty’s experience, legal

August 1, 2018


New Election FAQs and Youtube Videos

  We’ve added to the site two important content sections which will continue to
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Endorsements by Citizens For Better Judges, UAW CAP, Sheriff Deputies, Better Schools Kentucky of JCTA, Women’s Caucus, IBEW and more can be read about on the Endorsements page.

2018 Complete Voters Guide

Election Results – 2018 General Election – Voter Guide

2018 General Election Results Election results as reported to the County Clerk's office will be displayed below on election night ...
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Election Polling In Louisville 2018

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Kentucky State Legislature Map – Jefferson County

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Louisville Metro Council Districts Map

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Register To Vote And More

The Commonwealth of Kentucky asks your party affiliation during the voter registration process.  This is due to the closed primary ...
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Sovereign Citizens Judicial Temperament

Delahanty's Behavior

“Sovereign Citizens” who believe they are not subject to the laws of our Federal system of government. They repeatedly demand Judge Delahanty prove jurisdiction of the Kentucky Court System.

Delahanty patiently warns them that he has jurisdiction.

Years of Experience Sean Delahanty

BA University of Louisville

BA Political Science - University of Louisville


Practiced Law

Self employed General Practitioner for 18 years


Elected Jefferson District Court Judge Division Six



Graduated Law School

Graduated Law School - Brandeis School of Law - University of Louisville


Represented I.U.E Local 761



Chief District Court Judge

Chief District Court Judge 2008-2011