Video: Sean Delahanty Is Tough But Fair

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Frederick Moore an attorney in Louisville KY explains why he endorses Judge Sean Delahanty for re-election. Endorsed by BSK the JCTA’s political committee and Citizens For Better Judges. Visit us online for more information about Sean Delahanty.  Additional videos are available as well as

Sean Delahanty Video: Impartial And Caring

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 Sean Delahanty Is Fair And Impartial An attorney in Louisville, KY  who’s defended others in Judge Sean Delahanty‘s courtroom tells voters why he should be re-elected.  She notes that Judge Delahanty is respectful and regardless of sex, woman or man or race and religion you will

Sean Delahanty And Home Incarceration

Sean Delahanty On Overcrowding Jails Judge Sean Delahanty of District Court continues to work against the failed policies that hurt communities and only fill our jails beyond capacity.  Insider Louisville provides a glimpse at the issue facing Louisville. “The records detail over a dozen

Sean Delahanty's Judicial Behavior and Courtroom Etiquette

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Judicial Behavior and Courtroom Etiquette Judge Sean Delahanty has served the Louisville community for over twenty years as a 30th District Court Judge.  He has heard hundreds of thousands of arguments  from thousands of defendants.  Through these cases some have cherry picked one or two